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POSTED BY Asger Giversen december 14, 2017 in Smash Bros
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XI Mansion; Et event hvor smashers kommer langvejs fra i hele Danmark. I Novembers blev første XI Mansion afholdt af Paul som hovedarrangør, og det forløb sig godt – Der er allerede lagt op til et XI Mansion 2, som vil løbe af stablen i 2018.

XI Mansion 1
Sted: Tranehøjen 5, 5250 Odense SV
Dato & Tid: 3. – 5. November 2017

XI Mansion 2
Sted: Tranehøjen 5, 5250 Odense SV
Dato & Tid: 2018

Paul, arrangøren af hele XI Mansion konceptet er kommet med denne kommentar efter første event:

Hi. I am Paul “Parttimenoob” Krasemann, and some of you might know that I was the main TO of the Smash Tournament “XI Mansion” in November. I know it is a bit late, but I want to talk a bit about my experience Toing and the potential for a XI Mansion tournament series.

First of all, I want to thank the people that were at the event, participated, and helped create a nice atmosphere throughout the Weekend. We ran almost on time (with the exception of PM and Smash4 Doubles), and thanks to the help of various people from the outside, we were able to provide setups and streams.

There were some problems with the Payments, and the cleaning of the localities did not go as well as expected, but these are easily fixable problems. All in all, I like to think that for a small local event, things went pretty well.

Being a small local event however, is not the ambition of the XI Mansion Series. XI Esports aims to bring Odenses Esports to a highly competitive level, and the tournaments we host should not be an exception. As such, we want to provide a Platform for national level smash events that can host the best from around the country in a familial environment that still allows for exciting competition.

My plans for XI Mansion 2 are therefore slightly different. Here is my thoughts on what I would try to do for The Next instalment.

First up, I would love to keep the localities, and work closer with the main XI Mansion team, especially before the event starts, to get a better grip on payments and also to hopefully provide some sort of shared Meal-plan. The event would also greatly benefit from their bigger experience in organizing e-sports events.

Second of all, I would not make a date without making sure that locations are available until Sunday evening. This gives us one day more of events, and therefore a much less stressful timetable. Of course, this can mean that it will take a while until XI Mansion 2 takes place.

Third, and perhaps most controversially, I would like to run XI Mansion 2 as a Melee Only tournament. I don’t want separation between the smash-games, and I would love to see more smash4 events throughout Denmark, but there is a couple of reasons why I think it is the right decision.

First of all, with the Size we are aiming at, we can not provide for all smashers in Denmark. And personally I would rather have a tournament where all of the Power for one of the games comes together, rather than splitting the numbers up. Multiple people, including PR’d players for both games, contacted me after the Entry-cut and we did not get the most competitive tournament we could have had. Second, and maybe even more importantly, splitting tournaments between games makes the single tournament more focused, as we can run with one type of setups and can have a more spread out timeschedule, allowing for more Bo5 sets, A smoother Doubles event and eventual Sideevents such as regional crews. Focusing the event like this also takes a lot of stress from the TOs, simply from cutting Cross-entry, aka the only reason XI Mansions Pools were running over the break.

Looking at the entrance numbers for XI Mansion, they were perfectly even between the two games. 24 for Each of the main series games, with 15 entrants for PM. With low participation from Københavns Melee Players, as well as a quite a few players around Denmark not attending, we could very feasibly fill close to 40 slots per game.

Now, after lying down my reasons, the question remains: Why Melee? Both games had even numbers, and Smash4 had the stronger showing at XI-Mansion, having two thirds of the PR present.

The answer to this is as simple as it is sobering. Melee is the game I am more passionate for. I like Smash4, and would love to see more tournaments for the game happen in Denmark, but in the end, the game that brought me in, and the one that I myself play exclusively, is Melee. And as such, I think that not only do I have more expertise when it comes to Seeding, timing estimates, setting up etc., I also just want to see Melee tournaments happen that tiny bit more.

I will always be willing to help Organize Smash4 tournaments (especially on Fyn), and can try to talk to XI esports for e.g. providing locations, but my own ambition as a TO is with Melee, and therefore I would like to pursue that in “my” tournament series.

Feedback is of course very welcome, both in regard to your thoughts on the last XI Mansion, as well as input on the direction I want to take.

Thanks for your time,

Paul “Parttimenoob” Krasemann


Vi har nogle folk i XI Esport, som spiller Smash og det er deres passion, at udbrede det endnu mere i Danmark – Det er ikke helt vildt stort herhjemme, og dette var blot første tiltag håber vi. Vi vil hvert fald støtte op om projektet med XI Mansion 2, og hjælpe Paul endnu mere denne gang med så meget vi kan.

Spillere som SirShyGuy som er blandt Damarks bedste, han stillede op til eventet. Faktisk gik SirShyGuy hen og vandt Smash4, og Midgeet vandt Melee. SirShyGuy var i finalen med den daværende nr. 1 hvor han selv ligger lige bagefter. Det er vildt fedt, at selv de dygtige tiltrækkes af disse events, og blandt andet også derfor vi ser god grund til, at fremadrettet og støtte op omkring det. For nu vil vi sige mange TAK for denne gang, og vi håber at se jer igen til næste event i 2018.



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